Thomas Gressly

Occupational Career

At the age of ten Thomas was fascinated by the HP calculator of his uncle. He was explained the UPN way of calculating and soon he became addicted to it. Thomas converted polar into rectangular coordinates and vice versa. The boolean gates he learned with an electronic kit.

As technology-prone being a russian typewriter was the reason Thomas ended up to major in Slavonic studies, the minor subjects were film and psychology. He graduated in 1993 with a Master of Arts MA UZH. During his studies he worked as a computer supporter in a trading company. Soon he took over worldwide responsibilities as system and network engineer.

In 1998 Thomas changed to a publishing house where he was responsible for the IT infrastructure and many IT projects.

Thomas holds a postgraduate Master of Advanced Studies MAS FHO in software engineering (2010).

He started his own business, FOUND IT, in April 2011. One of Thomas' talents is to combine his inclination to technology with his artistic side. Besides he teaches at the EB-Zurich classes in PHP programming.

Thomas holds the Federal PET Diploma (Level 2) (2014)

Personal Life

To raise five children honed him to become able to work even under pressure. Thomas is an entrepreneur who is not easily ruffled and he always keeps his team in good humour.


Thomas loves jogging, values nature and has started to play the piano only recently.

More on Thomas’s personal site.